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corrupt_shot's Journal

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Corrupt Shot is an AU ASIAN ENTERTAINMENT roleplay where your muse is a whole or at least a bit of a different person from reality.

Before you claim check the claims list
Be respectful.

BE ACTIVE and be on enough so that your muses can get to know eachother and such. Post in your muses journal at least once every two weeks so we know what’s up with your muse and such.

If you’re not going to be around for awhile notify the mod or post a hiatus in the comm..

Don’t claim deceased muses please. They were alive, but they aren’t now, so let’s keep it that way.

This comm will be yaoi/yuri friendly and I bet there will be a bunch of NC-17 stuff going on. But still, I won’t put an age limit because your muse is doing everything, not you.

No God-modding please, or controlling other muses unless you’ve talked about it with the other mun.

If your muse is going to be a gang leader, talk to the mod about starting a new one if you want. Or if you want your muse to be a gang member and want to be in a certain gang have your muse talk to the gang leader about it and all.

If your muse intends to be pregnant, since I don’t think many of you will stay for nine months because we all have lives and such the time will be cut down to three months instead.

Please try to use correct grammar, you won’t be shot because you have a few spelling mistakes. But don’t type “lyke dihs” when you RP.

Try to refrain from OOC drama please. If this problem comes up, try to resolve it. If that doesn’t work please talk to the mod about it.

You can claim up to three muses, all will have a clean slate when claimed. Also make a new journal for the muses you claim. Your muses must also have an AIM sn so they can interact with other muses. If you’ve read the rules put in the word ‘banana’ somewhere in your claim just because I love them :]

Do not start until you’ve been approved by the mod, which will not take long at all. A 24 hour wait at most.


This is where all the muse bios/info can be found here.

Your journal: so I can keep up with how many muses you’ve claimed.

Your Muse:
Muses band: if solo or an actress just state it just state it
Muses AIM sn:
Muses journal:
Muses age:
Occupation: They can be anything, a bum, bartender, gang member. If your muse is going to be a gang leader please talk to the mod about it
Muses info or bio: just a little something so we get to know your muse a bit