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This is where you will see all the bios/info on the muses. KIM… 
19th-Aug-2007 10:46 pm
This is where you will see all the bios/info on the muses.

Kim Jaejoong, or better known as "Hero", is a 23 year old Korean adopted into a Japanese family. After receiving terrible abuse as a child, he trusts almost nobody. After dropping out of high school a year before he had to, Jaejoong started a gang called “TohoBang”. Though in a gang, he can be a caring and sensitive boy. He likes to spend his time fighting, cooking, reading, and doing what almost any normal person would. His past is something he likes to keep a secret. Until he gets to know you well enough, Jaejoong will not allow any person to become a friend to him. Technically, he claims he has no friends, but he inside he truly does care for those around him. COME ON GUYS BREAK DOWN JAEJOONG’S MENTAL WALLS.

No one knows much about the notorious Andou Daisuke (or...those who do know something, never live to tell) besides he is one of the most hated and feared men in all of Tokyo. Mostly only respected and considered a 'friend ' of those who 'work' in the underground, but Die chooses not to get to close to people.

Flaunting his cash and power with an aura of superiority right under the noses of the authorities and modern citizens, slipping in and out of random (legal or not) brothels, and glaring with eyes so dark and hadened with years of unknown hurt and pain...

There is truly only one Die.

Shinya is a 29 year old prostitute. Having been born into a poor family, it seemed to him that it was the only job that he was able to obtain. He prowls the city of Tokyo, looking around for men to sleep with. Yes, Shinya is a gay man. After his family found out, they disowned him, telling him he as a disgrace to their family. Shinya was now poor and homeless. He has almost no confidence in himself and lets himself be abused by those that he sleeps with. But to him, as long as he survives, as long as he can eat, have a crappy ass roof over his head, then being used and abused is worth it.

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